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The Joker Draw every Friday Night at the Walkabout.

Current Jackpot - $594+ $500 Party

One person every week has a chance to win the weekly jackpot prize - in cash! You must have a ticket to be in the draw, and everyone has an equal chance of winning. We'll buy you a free drink for every three tickets you buy in the Joker Draw.

The Joker Draw is a great way to begin your Friday night on the town.

Jackpots in the past ranged from
$689 - $24586

Rules of the Joker
1. The game consists of 52 playing cards plus one JOKER, publicly shuffled but unseen, and pinned down in the JOKER cabinet, which is displayed in the Bar.

2. The locked cabinet will only ever be opened at the conclusion of each weeks JOKER draw, remaining locked at all other times.

3. To play the game, purchase tickets for US$1 or 5000 Riel each from the salesmen every Friday night from 3pm. Each ticket is numbered, and you must retain your ticket to win.

4. At the close of ticket sales, 10.30pm, all ticket stubs will be placed in a barrel and one winning ticket will be drawn out by the security guard.

5. The holder of the winning ticket MUST be present at the time of the draw. If the ticket holder is not found within five minutes there will be a re-draw and the next ticket drawn will be the winner.

6. The holder of the winning ticket has the choice of turning over any single card from the locked display box. If the JOKER is turned over then that person wins the Jackpot. Other cards have a prize attached (see Joker Consolation Prizes).

7. All cards turned over during the course of the game will be returned face-up to the locked cabinet. At the conclusion of each weekly draw, the barrel will be emptied in preparation for the next weeks draw.

8. From the proceeds of each weeks ticket sales for the JOKER draw, 50% of the revenue goes to the prize pool jackpot and 50% of the revenue will be used to cover expenses incurred in running the joker and the associated promotions.

9. The JOKER Jackpot will begin at $500 CASH and $500 Jackpot Party Fund and will increase each week depending on ticket sales, until the joker is turned over and the game restarts.

10. Buy 3 tickets, hand them to the staff before 10.30pm and you will receive a DRAFT Beer that must be consumed in the Walkabout Pub. THERE ARE NO TAKEAWAYS. The staff will mark your tickets and hand them back.

11. When the Joker is won there will be a Joker Party straight after the draw. Loosing ticket holders can swap tickets for Draft Beer until the $500 is used or 1am at the latest.


ANY ACE: Win $1000
ANY KING: Win $250
ANY QUEEN or ANY JACK: $50 Bar tab (No take away and to be used by 2pm)
ANY 8: Win a Mobile phone, Sim card and Top up card 60$
ANY OTHER NUMBER: Glasses of draft beer and T-shirt

2005 Walkabout Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia